Luxury wines

Everyone has probably ever thought that the price of a product precedes its quality. Often we encounter this situation in countless products whether for food, cars, technology… There will always be products that vary a lot of price from others that seem to be identical.

The truth is that something similar happens with wines. For non-expert people and those who are recently introduced to the art of wine, it may seem crazy to see the amount of supply that exists in the market as well as the great price variations that exist between the different types of products.

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Wine Tourism – What are the best places for wine lovers?

Wine tourism, like gastronomic tourism, is gaining more and more strength worldwide. This concept is merging gastronomic tourism, wine and culture, adding a great value for those who love wine and good food. It is a specific type of tourism for wine regions. This type of tourism is as beneficial and enriching for tourists as for wineries, which use it to promote their products and get free feedback from their customers to help them improve the quality of their products.

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Benefits of red wine

We have all heard of the many benefits of red wine. Since the Middle Ages, wine went from being just an alcoholic beverage to be used by medicine as a treatment for various diseases such as anemia, dysentery and other nervous diseases.

Nowadays, thanks to science, red wine is considered beneficial for different areas of health, reason why many doctors recommend its habitual, but moderate use, to many of their patients.
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Welcome to the blog of Bodegas de Rauda

Welcome to the blog of Bodegas de Rauda. This is our new blog through which we will pass on the latest news from the wine sector, as well as various publications about the qualities, types, uses, benefits and some delicious dishes you can accompany with this delicious liquor; and many other information about our company.

We hope that this blog will help you to introduce into the art of oenology by discovering many curiosities about wine.

Feel free to write and give your opinion on our publications. We will be happy to respond you.

A cordial greeting from all our team and again, Welcome to our blog!