Main types of wines

Principales tipos de vinos

We are all familiar with the existence of different types of wines, but the truth is that there are different ways to categorize wines by their type. The classification can be carried by different types of features such as colour, age, amount of sugar, gas pressure, denomination, among many other qualities that can help to classify a wine better.

What are the main ways of categorizing a wine?

Let’s see what are the different types of wines according to their categorization depending on their specific qualities:

  • By colour: This is usually the most common way to categorize a wine, and it is also the most popular. The main wines in this category are Red, White, Rose and Claret. Although recently it has been introduced new concepts in this category, these are the main types of wines according to colour.
  • By age: We have all heard saying that a wine is a reserve, but how are wines really classified according to their age? Well, age is a concept that refers to two basic aspects. One is the amount of time the wine has been in barrel and the other is the real age of the wine. Both have to meet a minimum so that a wine is in one category or another. In this classification we can find Young Wine, Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva.
  • By the amount of sugar: This way of categorizing wines may be less common, or perhaps less known, but the amount of sugar in wine is another way by which these products can be classified. In this category we must distinguish between quiet, which are those that do not have any carbon dioxide, usually to everything we call wine, and sparkling wines that contain this gas. Some examples of sparkling wines may be Cava or Champagne. Quiet wines can be dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet or sweet depending on the amount of sugar, being lower in the dry and higher in the sweets. In turn, sparkling wines can be Brut-nature, Extra-brut, Brut, Extra-dry, Semi-dry, dry and sweet, again being higher the sugar concentration in the sweet and lower in the Brut-nature.



These are the three main ways of classifying a wine, but the truth is that there are different terms and parameters by which experts classify wines, not only in terms of types but also in quality.

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