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Vinos de lujo

Everyone has probably ever thought that the price of a product precedes its quality. Often we encounter this situation in countless products whether for food, cars, technology… There will always be products that vary a lot of price from others that seem to be identical.

The truth is that something similar happens with wines. For non-expert people and those who are recently introduced to the art of wine, it may seem crazy to see the amount of supply that exists in the market as well as the great price variations that exist between the different types of products.

What the reason is for the prices of wine?

The elaboration of a wine comprises a large number of complex processes, so to determine the price of a wine it is necessary to have different aspects under consideration.

  • Production costs: Production costs are the main costs associated with the price of wine. These will take into account the price of the raw material, the number of specialists who have worked, elaboration costs, etc. These costs may vary depending on the amount of external factors involved in the production.
  • Denomination of Origin: Denomination of origin is a guarantee of quality and safety. Therefore, depending on the denomination of origin, the price of wine can vary considerably.
  • Brand: If there are two wines made with the same grape, from the same place, following the same processes of elaboration, Why do they have different prices? The reason is simple. The brand makes the difference. A brand can invest more in marketing and promotion, can add tradition, exclusivity, popularity, which are factors that always add up when it comes to forming the price of a good wine.
  • Age: The age of wine has always been considered as a key factor for the quality of a wine. However, it is often more a matter of taste.

Are the exorbitant prices of some wines justifiable?

We do not think it is possible to answer this question with a simple yes or no. While it is possible that wine costs are much lower than the prices at which they are being sold, there will always be wines that make the difference. This does not mean that we can not find very high quality wines at relatively low prices. However, many times, exclusivity, tradition or the origin of a wine is paid more than its quality. More price does not always means higher quality, but it can be translated into other equally or more important factors.

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